Cori "Fader" Jacobs




     * Exceptional versatility and adaptability with Popular styles of music.

     * Solid musical background and recording experience.

     * Dedication and drive as a hard-working individual.

     * Virtuoso piano and drum programming skills



     * Interact with clients, utilized interpersonal skills to hire band  members, coordinate rehearsals,

        and create sequences for live shows


     * Proficient in using Pro-tools & logic in creating epic live shows



     * Recording performance for the "Pussycat Dolls" single "Stick wit U". GRAMMY NOMINATED

    * Head composer for the Allen Iverson Documentary.
    * Keyboards and strings for Beyonce Knowles B-Day "Still in love"
    * Drum programming/keys and production for Lauryn Hill.
    * Musical director for Sly Stone and main keyboard player.  
    * Main keyboards for Interscope artist "X Factor" currently Fantastic Negrito
    * Keyboards Eric Benet (Spot date)
    * Keyboards musical Director Khelani Parish Strive for more music Showcase
    * Keyboard Aloe Blacc on the Queen Latifah show
    * Keyboards Bobby Womack World tour
    * Main keys for David Hollister. (spot date)
    * Musical Director for "The Twins" (Formerly with "Prince")




     Contact: Cheryl Austin_Chaney 714-287-3873

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